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    What we do

    What is a Virtual CFO?

    A Virtual CFO is an on demand resource to help guide your business, keep the finances under control and provide you with expert financial knowledge when and as you need it.  A full time Chief Financial Officer can be expensive and may not be fully or effectively utilised in the business.

    Our Virtual CFO Solution provides you with a fully qualified and experienced Chartered Accountant, who has worked for many years as a Group Financial Controller of an ASX listed property development company that you can use as a part time resource in your business to gain the financial expertise that you may be missing in the business at a lower cost.

    Why do you need a Virtual CFO?

    1. To help drive your businesses financial results by increasing growth, profits and cashflow
    2. To control your business processes
    3. Access to an independent finance professional as and when you need them
    4. You have been running your business the same way for so long that you need someone to take a fresh look at the business
    5. You get all the benefits of a full time CFO at a fraction of the cost. We tailor the level of involvement that suits your business needs and budget

    What does a Virtual CFO do?

    • Strategic advice
    • Business management and financial services
    • Business improvement
    • Process improvement
    • Strategic planning
    • Forecasting and budgeting
    • Performance monitoring
    • Attendance at Management and Board meetings
    • Manage your full accounting function
    • Liaise with banks
    • Control costs
    • Simplify your business
    • Business structuring
    • Feasibility and due diligence
    • Mentoring and training your in-house staff